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The incredible speed at which digital advertising has evolved over the years in terms of technological innovation and consumer expectations has set the standards very high for advertising businesses. The rapid progression in digital marketing presents new opportunities for marketers to engage their customers and deliver more relevant and meaningful content. 

Augmented reality technology started off with majority of applications in entertainment and gaming. Over the past 5 years, AR technology has slowly, but steadily forayed into advertising and brand communication. From a buzzword to a brand necessity the role of augmented reality in advertising and branding has gained significant importance. AR is becoming more accessible and affordable, thanks to advances in technology. 

AR in Advertising 

The ubiquity of smart devices and its camera has ushered a new era in consumer behaviour. Users are increasingly engaging with the physical world through the digital lens. A huge chunk of their daily routine is dedicated to smartphone usage, taking and sharing pics on social platforms. Marketers realize that AR is a powerful way to engage their customers and strengthen the brand’s digital presence. 

According to eMarketer, the Global Augmented Reality Ad market revenues are expected to reach a whopping $2 billion dollars by the year 2022. 

Global Augmented Reality Ad Market Revenues

That said, advertising businesses are capitalizing on the immersive customer experience that AR technology creates. For maximizing the benefits of AR in marketing, businesses need to align AR to well defined business needs. Enterprises must determine how AR could support and solve the needs at a company level to reach out to its consumers and engage them effectively. 

Here are 4 reasons why augmented reality clicks in advertising. 

#1 Ability to establish an instant emotional connect with the target audience. Augmented reality ads are immersive, interactive and life-like. 

#2 Cost saving advertising by minimizing need for printed media. Augmented reality ads are usually more affordable and immersive than printed media advertising. 

#3 Boosts sales by enabling consumers to virtually try products. Marketers and advertisers promote their products and services through virtual trials. 

#4 Improves hyper local advertising by analysing user behaviour and interests. AR-based hyper local ads can show objects on a smartphone screen so that customers can make informed decisions about places/products/services that appeal to them. 

Showing the Way Forward in Advertising 

TotalAR from HoloPundits is revolutionizing the way AR is used in advertising. HoloPundits, a leading AR/VR/MR company, has developed a comprehensive AR platform that can be used by progressive organizations to give an edge to their customer engagement, marketing and advertising endeavours. 

TotalAR is an AR platform is a custom content and mobile application for companies looking to break free from conventional advertising and communication strategies. A wide assortment of AR content available on TotalAR can be used by publishers, government agencies and enterprises for better customer engagement. 

Companies can also use their own AR target images or logo or existing digital assets with TotalAR. For more information on TotalAR, visit

February 20, 2020 05:05