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November 13, 2019 07:24 AM

Tapping the Unlimited Potential of Augmented Reality

As the world moves towards digitization, immersive technologies like virtual, augmented, and mixed reality are capturing the attention of the millennial. The virtual world that these technologies show to the user is captivating and enthralling. Augmented reality works by altering the perception of the human brain by amalgamating the real and virtual environments.
The introduction of ARKit for iOS by Apple and ARCore for android by Google fueled the growth of augmented reality. According to a report by DigiCapital, the augmented reality market is set to reach a whopping $150 by the end of 2020.
Augmented and Virtual Reality Revenue Forecast
Many tech giants are investing heavily in this technology. All these are clear indicators of the potential of augmented reality beyond gaming and entertainment.
Moving Beyond Gaming with Mobile AR
Augmented reality has some interesting and innovative applications in the field of health care, automobile, manufacturing, education and training, printing and advertising, and marketing and brand communication. Mobile AR has the potential to reshape the printing and media, marketing and branding landscape. Pioneering companies like HoloPundits are developing comprehensive augmented reality platforms that empower the user to create immersive experiences with images or digital business assets through mobile AR.
Here is a glimpse of the applications of mobile AR.
ECommerce: Mobile AR can help create an engaging user experience in eCommerce. Mobile users can try out furniture, apparel, and cosmetics before buying them through mobile AR apps.
Education and Training: The millennial children are accustomed to smart gadgets at a very young age. AR technology can be a very useful educational tool that fosters better learning and retention of academic concepts.
Travel and Tourism: Many tourism companies are using mobile AR to give users a virtual tour of travel destinations. Users can have a virtual tour of the accommodations and destinations on their mobile itself before making the booking.
These are just some of the ways augmented reality is being used in today's world.
Unparalleled User Experience with Augmented Reality
Creating rich user experiences is one of the strengths of immersive technologies like AR. HoloPundits specializes in custom AR solutions for a myriad of industries. TotalAR - a comprehensive AR platform from HoloPundits adds a whole new dimension to user experience. In the preceding blogs, we introduced many innovative features of TotalAR. This blog concludes the introduction to TotalAR. Here are 2 exciting features of TotalAR:
  • Marketplace for Customers and Brands: The AR Gallery gives a bird's eye view of the total number of customers to the brand. TotalAR is an AR marketplace for customers and businesses. Marketing campaigns can be run by brands through TotalAR for superior customer engagement.
  • Engaging Customers: TotalAR comes with innovative features to entertain and engage customers. Even a layman without any technical background can create a 3D model using TotalAR.
Interested in exploring the potential of augmented reality through TotalAR? Reach out to us today.

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