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September 29, 2021 08:38 AM

Top 5 Benefits of Using AR for Your Business

Augmented Reality (AR) has made leaps and bounds from being perceived as an avid sci-fi tech in movies or a tool to enhance gaming - remember the Pokemon Go frenzy? Nowadays, AR is leaving its impact in diverse industries and is becoming an integral part of our daily lives. According to a report by Global Market Insights, Inc., the AR market size is projected to surpass $50 billion by 2024.
Organizations in multiple industries have started to realize the potential of AR and are using Augmented Reality services to transform their customer engagement by offering an interactive, 3D AR experience.
Top 5 Benefits of Using AR for Your Business
Wondering how using AR can benefit your organization? Read this article to learn more about the advantages of using AR services to enhance your business.
1. Create an Engaging Consumer Experience
Augmented Reality services offer new creative avenues for businesses to take their consumer experience to the next level. AR acts as a bridge between the physical and digital world. It superimposes digital elements on top of physical components, thus creating an interactive experience that would not be feasible otherwise.
Instead of using static 2D displays, you can spice up the content and make it more engaging for your customers by utilizing AR services. Augmented Reality technology empowers the consumers to visualize objects, modify their features (color, size, etc.), and make observations, thereby helping customers make well-informed buying decisions.
For instance, clothing retailers are using AR services to help their customers "try on" products before they buy.
2. Provides a Competitive Advantage
In the current climate, diverse brands offer similar products at similar price ranges, so it is essential to take some action to differentiate your brand to catch the customer's attention. Introducing cutting-edge technologies like AR as a sales tool helps businesses expand their customer base and retain more customers.
As AR technology is relatively new, making the most of AR services can give businesses a competitive advantage over their competitors. They can do a better job of promoting their products with AR-powered ad campaigns, and using AR makes their products stand out from other similar products on the market. Adopting AR services improves brand awareness and makes brands more attractive.
3. Bolster Corporate Training
When we hear the word "training," we usually think of conventional training methods such as user manuals, guidebooks, or one-on-one training. However, it is time we embrace Augmented Reality services for corporate training. AR services allow employees to participate actively in training activities, thus improving the training experience. AR offers an authentic, safe training environment where employees can hone their skills without worrying about the risk of inflicting harm upon individuals or expensive equipment.
With AR, employees can learn at their own pace even from remote locations and learn from their mistakes without worrying about potential real-life consequences.
For instance, heavy equipment training can be dangerous and expensive. But, with AR content, people can experience "realistic" scenarios and learn to effectively operate the equipment before they are required to run the equipment for real.
Further, we can capture data in AR training, analyze competency, and determine over time whether employees are improving.
4. Gamification in the Workplace
With Augmented Reality services, you can mix game elements with work by introducing fun, interactive games, and challenges that boost employee engagement and productivity. Gamification in the workplace is a shrewd way to achieve your employee's desire for recognition and reward and drive increased effort put forth by your employees.
The gamified elements make the workplace more engaging and encourage workers to think outside the box, which in turn can result in new, revolutionary technology.
Furthermore, achievable goals, rewards systems, and the challenge of solving interesting problems lead to increased job satisfaction.
5. Remote Assistance
Augmented Reality technology enables remote assistance, a "see-what-I-see" collaboration that facilitates expertise anytime, anywhere. AR connects experts with field workers in real time by combining video and audio communication and superimposing digital info atop physical components.
Imagine a piece of faulty equipment has halted production. Factories cannot sit and wait for an expert because the equipment downtime can cause serious damage to a company's performance and bottom-line. With AR-powered remote assistance, service companies can satisfy their clients by completing repairs faster with expert guidance, increasing productivity and reducing downtime.
Concluding Thoughts
You do not have to be a tech wizard to see the immense potential of using AR services for business. The above-mentioned benefits are just a drop in the ocean, and the possibilities are endless with AR technology. AR is here to stay, and it will transform the way business is conducted. So, what are you waiting for? Tap into the potential of Augmented Reality services to leapfrog your competitors and propel your business to greater success.
At HoloPundits, we have an experienced team of experts in developing immersive technology solutions. We can work with you to understand your business needs and help take your business to new heights by delivering optimal, cost-effective solutions.

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