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May 24, 2021 11:38 AM

End-user benefits of having an Augmented Reality Platform

End-user benefits of having an Augmented Reality Platform
Any successful enterprise has reached their place by being obsessed with customer delight. Today's economy is all about crafting a unique customer experience, which is easily made possible with an advanced Augmented Reality platform.
Here are some of the benefits which an AR platform can provide to the end users.
1. Ultra-Personalized Experience
Based on individual and collective metrics, an AR platform can provide a localized experience to users. A metric- and rule-based AR campaign can deliver unique customer experiences to two or more users having different customer personas at the same spot or scene. Such an experience will be ultra-personal and help the users feel "special and taken care of."
2. Seamless Content Marketing
Content marketing is the process wherein informative and entertaining content is shared with specific target audiences with the motive to educate them and engage them to drive specific business goals. The quality of content served is the most important in content marketing. Augmented Reality Marketing can help spearhead content marketing by matching high-quality content to targeted audiences and craft experiences which are unique to that user's needs. Let's take a special scenario related to the above use case: Ikea's Augmented Reality App enabled their customer base and potential customers to virtually position IKEA's furniture inside their homes. Having chosen any model, the users could point their phones to any corner or place within their home and drag-and-drop the furniture within their homes. Such an inspired, interactive activity helped potential customers to "try before they buy."
Having an Augmented Reality platform empowers an enterprise to consistently churn good quality content.
3. Enticing Engagement with Metrics
Engagement is the first step to woo any customer in today's digital-driven-economy. And with millions of apps proliferating the app market places, unless we provide some strong reason for the users to engage with their apps, our apps would just be one among the million apps that nobody installs, or worse - installs and forgets. By dint of overlaying digital information atop real-world information, AR can enthral users to engage with the real world digitally. Since we are able to measure engagement with specific, pre-determined metrics and serve AR content accordingly, having an AR platform will almost always result in better engagement results as compared to an ordinary app.
4. Novel & Exciting Experience
Though AR is not as old as VR, it is still making a lot of waves in recent times due to its constant development. Due to this constant technological advancement, layman end users find it very novel and exciting. Remember Snapchat filters? That is AR's novel and exciting AR experience at its finest. And we have just begun on the road to differentiated experience. AR filters are the latest in online communities. AR messaging will help users experience excitement while communicating.
Concluding Thoughts
If this real world we live in can be compared to a cake, then the digital information superimposed by Augmented Reality is the icing. In many ways, AR helps the common man to have the cake and eat it too. The technology is evolving in many ways and is finding newer use cases daily. And even as it is evolving, it is continuing to create waves among its existing user base.
While the above article provides a bird's-eye-view on the end-user benefits, click the following link to know more about enterprise benefits of an AR platform.
Having an AR platform provides immense benefits for both the enterprise as well as its users. How can your enterprise leverage this?

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