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September 30, 2019 09:05 AM

Let Do the Talking for your Brand

The millennial consumer is redefining the customer engagement landscape. A survey conducted by Forbes on 1,300 millennials to learn more about consumer trends. According to the survey, 62% of the millennials say that if the brand engages them on social media, they are likely to be a more loyal customer. There are around 80 million millennials in America alone, and their combined buying power is $200 billion. The millennial consumer is the trendsetter across all industries from food to clothing. Brands are fiercely trying to connect with the millennial mindshare in order to grab their attention and understand their expectations.
Millennials love DIY - they want to hunt information and solve problems on their own. So your customer engagement policy should be a trigger for their curiosity to know more about the brand. Another millennial trend is that they value brand engagement on social media. They are a hyper-connected generation with access to all kinds of devices. So an omnichannel brand engagement strategy is a must in order to strike a chord with the millennial. Lastly, the millennial consumer demands personalization. A brand engagement exercise must give them an exclusive feel.
Is your brand ready with a millennial proof customer engagement strategy?
Augmented Reality
Value of Augmented Reality for Organizations
Brands need to do much more than just impressing the millennial; they need to immerse them into their brand. Augmented reality creates an immersive and captivating customer experience that can blow away your millennial consumer!
When compared to other technologies, AR shows impactful results within a short period of time. According to research by Vibrant Media, seven out of ten media planners and buyers wanted Augmented Reality integrated into their digital marketing campaigns. AR can give your brand a competitive edge.
Augmented Reality Integration
HoloPundits, a pioneering AR, VR, and XR solution company, believes that AR is the way forward for progressive organizations. We have introduced a holistic AR platform called TotalAR, which is a "go-to" for all your marketing and branding initiatives. TotalAR comes with a rich feature set that empowers organizations with a millennial proof branding strategy. Let us introduce you to some of the impactful features of TotalAR, which will enable your organization to better engage customers.
  • TotalAR enables brands and organizations to integrate their customers seamlessly into their events and campaigns. The Access Key feature in TotalAR can be passed on to customers by the brand so that they can keep track of brand-related data.
  • Flashcard brand promotion is the in thing in branding. TotalAR supports the use of flashcards for brand promotion.
  • The scan history feature provided by TotalAR enables brands to stream content on the go. An image or content that is present in the scan history can be used later for brand promotion.
That was just a glimpse of how TotalAR empowers your branding and marketing initiatives. We have more features that will put your brand in the spotlight. Stay tuned for more about TotalAR. We are eager to discuss a complete AR solution for your brand. Call us for more details.

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