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November 03, 2022 02:04 AM

Is Extended Reality (XR) the Future of Virtual Events?

Is Extended Reality (XR) the Future of Virtual Events?

Extended reality (XR) technology has burst onto the scene recently as the world has desperately pursued techniques to connect remotely with people across the globe during the pandemic. However, as COVID-19 rates decrease and the world goes back to "normal," it begs the question, "What does it mean for extended reality technology and remote events?"

Some experts predict that the world will never return to how things were, and XR technology has become a part of our day-to-day lives. Extended reality (XR) technology has transformed the virtual, live, and hybrid event space. Using immersive technologies, event organizers can now enhance the guests' environment, transport them to new places, and enable them to interact with realistic 3D virtual objects. In this blog post, we will explore the role of XR in virtual events and its advantages.

1. Extended Reality Use Cases for Events

As online and hybrid events are taking over the global event space, XR technology is emerging as a groundbreaking discovery for event planners and organizers. Adopting XR technologies will allow corporations to bring their guests/consumers closer to their brands. The possibilities are endless with XR, and here are some ways you can incorporate XR into your events:

1.1. Virtual Exhibitions and Events

Online events are gaining much traction. However, conventional online events and zoom calls are not immersive. That is where XR technology comes into play. Creating XR-based events is an effective way to give participants an engaging, immersive experience.

1.2. Immersive Product Demos

What better way to promote a product/service and convince a consumer than by showing them how it will enhance their lives? This is where XR truly shines, as XR technology makes it possible through its immersive 3D visuals. Businesses can showcase their products and potential benefits using XR-based events and reduce costs associated with renting spaces for product displays. XR 'teleports' the audience to a virtual space, so event organizers can stop worrying about the size of the event venue.

1.3. Virtual Attendance

Extended reality (XR) applications allow people to attend events from wherever they are without physically traveling to a location. This feature of XR applications can increase event attendance, as people who cannot travel can still attend the event.

Further, with XR simulations, you can organize visits to locations that are hard or impossible to access. For instance, imagine a space expo on Mars; it sounds crazy, right? At the current stage of space exploration, we can only imagine a real Mars tour available to the public. However, with XR technology, people can tour the red planet without stepping out of their homes.

1.4. Gamification of Events

If you think adults are not interested in interactive games, think again. Gamification is an excellent technique to improve engagement and works for all ages. Gamification creates a positive association with your event. XR technology combined with gamification can turn a humdrum event into an exciting, unforgettable experience.

2. Benefits of Using XR for Virtual Events

Here are a few benefits of using extended reality technology for your virtual event:

2.1. Brings Remote Speakers Together

People often feel that online events are not the same as physical events, as interactions with people are limited to just chats. Extended reality technology can improve this experience, as XR can 'teleport' participants from different parts of the world to be together on a virtual stage and interact as if they were there!

Co-presenting with a client or colleague from distant locations is made possible with XR technology. So, wave goodbye to travel delays and jet lag and say hello to extended reality meetings.

2.2. Reach Newfound Audience

XR-based virtual events provide access to a global audience that was not available before. XR allows brands to reach new locations they had previously thought impossible. Further, extended reality can improve inclusivity, as XR helps people from different backgrounds and physical challenges to interact in a virtual environment. There can be several barriers to event entry, such as mobility, health concerns, and disabilities. XR technology nullifies all these barriers, creating a more inclusive and gratifying experience.

2.3. Enhanced Engagement - Goodbye Boring Conferences

In today's attention-deprived society, holding participants' focus and raising engagement levels is striking gold. There are no distractions in an XR environment. Immersive XR visuals ensure your guests are not distracted and secretly looking at their mobile phones. Say goodbye to no-shows, low attendance, and yawn-inducing meetings, and say hello to immersive, engaging, and impactful XR experiences.

3. Concluding Thoughts

While extended reality technology is still in its early stage and has a few limitations, technology is developing rapidly, and XR can solve many of our problems. XR equipment like VR headsets are becoming more popular, and a report predicts the global XR market will reach $465.26 billion by 2027. With XR equipment and software development costs dropping, more people will adopt XR to enhance their events. Extended reality is here to transform the future of event marketing, and it is waiting to host your event.

Do you want to adopt XR technology in your business? At HoloPundits, we are experts in developing immersive technology solutions for education and enterprise markets. We enhance your experience through extended reality technologies and cost-effective immersive technology solutions that bring your ideas to life.

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