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The use of technology for meetings that take place across different geographical locations is common. However, getting the same kind of visual and sensory experience for every participant in the meeting can be a challenge. MeetinXR strives to overcome this challenge and elevate the interaction and engagement that happens during a meeting of a group of people.

The host and participants can share data in immersive 3D views so that there is better knowledge retention and an improved level of understanding of the concepts explained during the meeting. The 3D view creates a level of intrigue that helps companies and brands accomplish the overall meeting objective.

Meetinxr App Development

How it works?


Meetinxr Technology
  • MeetinXR is a 3D-based live collaboration platform that allows the sharing of both 2D and 3D content among participants.
  • You can schedule and participate in a meeting portal like you would any regular web-based meeting. But the next steps are geared to ensure that the stated meeting agenda is achieved with great impact.
  • The host can present data in visually stunning 3D views, with the help of HoloLens and the Windows Mixed Reality device, in order to generate better intrigue around the subject being discussed.

As a leading mixed reality app development company, we have built the app to add end-to-end value. The app is integrated with a portal that helps clients set their meetings and call participants and hosts. There are various features added in the mixed reality app.



Meetinxr Features
  • Host control mechanism and the ability to drag and move the 3D assets.
  • Participants and hosts can also annotate around a specific 3D part for a deeper level of interaction. Participants can be at the same location or at different locations.
  • Participants at different locations are represented as 3D avatars.
  • The app is fully equipped with all modern-day meeting requirements like the ability to mute and unmute the microphone of a participant and the ability to make a participant a host.
  • The ability to integrate 3D content on the meeting interface presents a host of benefits for everyone coming together in a meeting.

Many diverse types of companies can make use of this mixed reality solution effectively. No matter the size or scale of the data to be superimposed on the interface, our MR experts will get the content prepared, enable cutting-edge MR app development, and integrate it on HoloLens and Windows Mixed Reality devices for a superior meeting experience.



  • Conduct meetings and collaborate with participants physically and virtually using HoloLens
  • Holistic meeting solutions
  • Complete host control and administration mechanism
  • Rotate, Move and Annotate features for 3D assets
  • Pods with various functionality
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