Advancing the way the world experiences learning

XR Guru is the immersive learning hub for learners and educators to access content using virtual reality and augmented reality from multiple devices. HoloPundits developed this device-agnostic platform and launched engaging content to help learners understand complex topics easily in an engaging way. In addition to content, XR Guru provides an authoring tool for users to create and publish XR content to the XR Guru Marketplace. This user-friendly tool requires no coding experience and gives content creators a way to share their own XR content to the world.

AR/VR Educational Apps

XR Guru use cases


VR Based Educational Applications

Here are some of the ways that XR-based content can expand the efficiency of the learning process:

Student Module

For middle school, high school and college students, subscribe to content, connect multiple devices, identify favorites and write reviews.

K12 Educator Module

Teach with interactive 3D content to increase creativity and collaboration that meets the needs of Middle and High schools students.

Higher Education Module

Faculty can create curated course content, assign topics to students and track progress.

Workforce Module

Create career exploration paths, provide training in immersive technology, create assignments and track user progress.

Here's How it work?

Getting started is easy! Just follow these 4 simple steps:


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    1. Download The App

    Download the XR Guru app for either Oculus, iOS, or Android

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    2. Create An Account

    Register for an XR Guru account that will sync to devices with the installed XR Guru app

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    3. Choose Packages

    Subscribe to additional topics and content as desired

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    4. Experience Immersive Content

    Using your device, select the desired topics to experience