Our proven ability to develop closely-aligned course content has made us the preferred partner for renowned academic and corporate organizations globally. As a technology partner, our core focus is to deliver an immersive experience that extends comprehension capabilities beyond traditional resources. We are well acquainted with blending the entire AR/VR ecosystem cohesively – whether it is hardware, software, or developed content. We have extensive experience in constructing XR-based educational courses for diverse subjects, such as biology, chemistry, and physics.

AR/VR Educational Apps

Why to opt for XR Guru?


Virtual Reality Solution

Our Augmented & virtual reality solution delivers cost-effective educational solutions by integrating existing learning assets. The integrated XR solutions delivered by HoloPundits ensure anytime and anywhere access to course content via the app. Our IoS/Android based AR App and Oculus based VR solutions will be a great fit for your progressive academic institution.

XR Guru use cases


VR Based Educational Applications

Here are some of the ways that XR-based content can expand the efficiency of the learning process:

  • Students can transcend time and space.
  • The process of stimulating discovery is enabled via 3D observation.
  • VR can mitigate the dangers of science labs.
  • Students can interact in a virtual environment. Instead of a one-way learning medium, they can engulf themselves in an interactive 3D medium. This encourages learning via trial and error and allows for a better understanding.
  • Guided feedback prompts students to explore further and satisfy curiosity around complex subjects, like science and math.

Students can download apps on the Oculus VR device to have immersive learning experiences that facilitate knowledge retention. Part of our business goal at HoloPundits is to partner with content developers and develop content for topics way beyond science and math. Our developments will enable high-impact learning for the next generation. To assist with the mainstream adoption of XR into school districts, high schools, and universities, HoloPundits will offers cost-efficient packages coupled with VR devices. This makes the XR Guru solution an easily adaptable method to bring VR to students and to improve the quality of education. Immersive learning allows students to better understand new science topics, like the cell-level composition of red blood cells in biology or the properties of Newton’s laws in physics. Learning in 3D formats can boost the engagement and creativity of a course. Go ahead, connect with the leaders in mixed reality solutions and VR-based educational courses to get modified solutions integrated with HMD, content developers, and platforms.

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